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Sample questions

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3 part Analysis includes a 1000 word essay

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Question description
The objective is to demonstrate your knowledge of the course readings
and your ability to analyze and synthesize concepts relating to those readings and the
course focus. You may find yourself revisiting ideas that came up in our discussion; that’s fine,
but be sure you’re advancing the discussion and not just repeating it.
The exam is worth 100 points towards the course total. In your test, please identify each
question or topic by number only; do not include the passage or topic description. Put everything
together in one document, formatted in Word or rtf, and submit through Blackboard. The test
is due Saturday, March 10, by 11:30 pm. Any questions as you work? Email me at
[email protected] Please note that this exam is for undergraduate students enrolled in
English 4505 only; if you are a graduate student in 6505, you do not take the test.
For each passage, write 1 well-developed paragraph that analyzes and contextualizes it.
Identify the passage appropriately and discuss key features of the text provided here. Your
discussion should indicate what is significant in the passage itself (be specific) and show its
larger significance (how is it characteristic of this work & the author’s writing?).
1. 13 April: That tundish has been on my mind for a long time. I looked it up and find it English and
good old blunt English too. Damn the dean of studies and his funnel! What did he come here for to teach
us his own language or to learn it from us? Damn him one way or the other!
2. —He’s not so bad, is he? said Aunt Kate to Gabriel.
Gabriel’s brows were dark but he raised them quickly and answered:
—O no, hardly noticeable.
—Now, isn’t he a terrible fellow! she said. And his poor mother made him take the pledge on
New Year’s Eve. But come on, Gabriel, into the drawing-room.
Before leaving the room with Gabriel she signalled to Mr Browne by frowning and shaking her
forefinger in warning to and fro. Mr Browne nodded in answer and, when she had gone, said to Freddy
—Now, then, Teddy, I’m going to fill you out a good glass of lemonade just to buck you up.
3. then thrust them down into the trunk. The silks – they seemed still sentient – quivered under his touch; the
velvets lay there sullenly, and sometimes, when he heaped them in, dripped out over the edge of the box
again. Here and there an end of fur ruffled into deeper shadows under his excited breath. When he had
amassed everything, Hewson beat with the flat of his hands upon the pile to make it level, spread tissue
over it, and locked the trunk. Then he rang for Parkins and sat down to wait. He re-read Margery’s list
once again, folded it, and put it away in his pocket-book.
Write 1 well-developed paragraph, being as specific as possible in your references to the
1. In “Recent Photograph” and “Songs My Father Sang Me,” the central events are over before
the present time of the story. Discuss how Bowen’s narrative develops the story and requires
readers to interpret what the story’s internal listening audience is told.
2. Discuss the presentation of Dublin in the assigned reading by Joyce: what do readers learn of
Dublin, and what are some of the ways that information is conveyed? Note: whole books have
been written on this subject, and you only need one well-developed paragraph: keep your answer
focused, specific, & built around a few good examples.
Write an essay of around a thousand words on one of these topics. Present a clear main
idea, and provide support for your points through specific references to the texts you are
analyzing, including some direction quotations from them. Do not consult outside sources; your
essay should demonstrate your first-hand engagement with the text(s). No essay should be less
than 3 full pages.
1. Write a comparative analysis of Joyce’s “The Dead” and Bowen’s “Sunday Afternoon,” being
attentive to matters of both ‘what’ (character, theme, etc.) and ‘how’ (structure, narrative
technique, etc.).
2. Music features in many ways throughout the stories of Dubliners. Write an essay in which you
bring together examples from “A Painful Case,” “A Mother,” and “The Dead,” using these
examples to illustrate your characterization of the Dublin music scene readers find in Joyce’s
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