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Advertising Budget for Target

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Write a paper of 600-750 words in which your group develops and describes an advertising budget for a local big box retailer (use Target) for a 3-day sale.
Cost- What is the budget for the 3-day sale? Discuss the local television channels and magazine, billboards or local newspaper you are going to advertise in. State why you are going to advertise the television channel and print that you chose. Include the amount of the ads for each medium (TV, newspaper and etc.) Remember the time of day determines the cost. (100 words)
Reach- Give definition of reach and how any people your different mediums will reach the target market. How far in advance will you start airing the advertisements and why? ( 100 words)
Coverage- What area are you covering, city and state. What are your goals for the company as it pertains to the number of people you want to reach. (100 words)
Frequency- How often are you going to run the advertisements? Will there be a specific time of day that is most beneficial to run the commercials? (300 words)
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