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B2B assignment, 2 questions.

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Question description
Seeking help for 2 questions on my part of an assignment. I’m doing on 2 companies which are NCR Corporation VS Diebold Nixdorf. My part is on 1) Supply chain Inter-organisational relationships (IORs) and 2) Porter’s Value Chain.
There will be 2 pdf in the zip file, 1 for each company and also I’ve stated my question in the word file along with a sample answer that was done for another company. I’ve screenshot a marking criteria but not sure if it will be helpful.
Please do help if you know how to as I’m aiming for a high distinction and wanting to get a refund… Thank you so much.
If references are needed to do this, please have sources that are found in journals that are databases, unless there isn’t any then the world wide web is fine. Thank you!
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