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16 December 2015

5th Case study

16 December 2015, Comments 0

Your case analysis is to contain the following sections: Section 1: Provide a general description of the country. Section 2: Define the central issue […]

14 December 2015

Personel finance

14 December 2015, Comments 0

Please improve the overall quality of the work , paraphrase and rewrite the sentences wherever is needed in order to make it clear and […]

19 October 2015

online advertising

19 October 2015, Comments Comments Off on online advertising

Imagine you’ve been hired as the new director of online advertising for your brand. Your first assignment is to do an online advertising audit […]

17 October 2015

Inbound and content marketing

17 October 2015, Comments 0

This week we look at Inbound and Content marketing for your brand(China CITIC Bank). In order to understand Inbound Marketing I want you to […]

28 September 2015

Wireless Power

28 September 2015, Comments 0

write down with single space. 2 pages for radius antenna and 1 page for budget. direction on the file. have to write down with […]

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