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November, 2015

An economy to benefit producers rather that the consumers: China National Tobacco Corp. (monopoly)

I have a brief idea of what to write and a big topic which needs to be narrowed down into a more specific question.This is the rough proposal:Title: An economy to benefit producers rather that the consumers: China National Tobacco Corp. (monopoly)Introduction: Briefly summarize the change of consumption pattern and change in market share in the last 50 years The current situation: In terms of market share, China National is bigger than its next five competitors combined; its growing sales have accounted for a net increase in global production, even as volume at its competitors has fallen. While Marlboro remains... […]

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October, 2015

Case Discussion; Toyota case

Read the Toyota case. Provide answers to the following questions. 1 page maximum (single space), A4 size, 12-point font size, 1-inch margin around. 1. What do you think were the main and most important causes of the Toyota crisis? Don’t just repeat phrases or paragraphs from the case, but think more deeply about the Question. You would need to go more deeply than just listing bullet points. 2. What should Toyota do to restore its reputation and competitive advantage? In addition to the attached file, about the Toyota case, you may find this article useful. It is a report from... […]

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September, 2015

Management INfo system

A. Consider 5 computer based information systems for example insurance system, airline reservation system, DMV system. Write a brief description on each of them. You may use Internet, Journal articles or computer magazines to find the information about them. B. Select one Information System that you feel is most significant and useful in a company. Describe the system. The description of the system must include: • Purpose of the system • Input design of the system • Output design of the system • An example of input and output report of the system […]

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August, 2015

Report on the critical evaluation of 10 Websites in 5 groups (types) for a business manager

You should determine (approximately 10-15) evaluation criteria based on the principles and guidelines for building effective e-commerce Websites and the business models discussed in the unit materials and gained from your own research. While there are criteria that are common for all e- commerce websites, there may be different criteria relevant to different types (groups) of sites. - You should discuss the difference. Your criteria should be objectively applicable. - You should evaluate the Websites according to the above determined criteria by comparing the sites in the same group, and between different groups. It is recommended to use tables where... […]

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August, 2015

Develop an effective e-commerce Website

It's develop an effective e-commerce Website. You will develop the front end of a simple but comprehensive e-commerce Website (e-tailer) for a fictional business. The Website must be created according to the design document. The Website may not really operate, and you don’t need to write programs. Please read more details of the assignment in the uploaded files. […]

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August, 2015

structure critical questions that would be relevant to analyse the case study (Meli Marine)

You are required to formulate five (5) critical questions that would be relevant to analyse the case study. You must justify your choice of questions. You are NOT required provide an analysis of the case study. This is an exercise in critical questioning. Assessment Criteria 1. Appropriate formulation of critical questions 2. Justification of critical questions 3. Sound reasoning demonstrated in discussing relative effectiveness of questions 4. Use of an academic writing style […]

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