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December, 2015

Women in latin america and spain (history of women in latin america and Spain and the process of their rights, liberalism, etc. )

Research paper for course "Post-colonial Perspectives: Latin America & Spain Relationships from 1810 to the Present" These are the professor's directions: Each paper must establish the comparison between Latin America as a whole and Spain in relevant issues, illustrating how they follow parallel processes, how they compare, and how they can be interrelated. A research paper must use the available scholarly sources (journal articles, book chapters, video documentaries, photographs, etc.) as well as other pertinent sources such as newspapers, blog entries, or social media contributions. All references must be included in the final part, and cited in-text. Research papers will... […]

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October, 2015

Evo's Bolivia: Continuity and Change

i need a brief summary of the book" Evo's Bolivia: Continuity and Change" in simple words i need the answers to following questions 1) Tell the evolution of the social movements in Bolivia, especially since 1952? 2) How did the constituent Assembly and the new Constitution seek to transform Bolivia? 3) What is currently the basis of the Bolivian economy? 4) what is Vivir Bien? 5)Discuss the issue of land, how is land used, who owns it by region. How successful have past reform efforts been since 1953?, what is different under evo?, How does coca and drug policy complitate... […]

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