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July, 2015

Explain the process of finding your article and how you determined it was peer-reviewed.

In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand. —Neil Armstrong, astronaut Online learning and research presents many challenges, just the same as traditional learning. These challenges include finding reliable, current, and legitimate scholarly resources. You may already have favorite online resources and databases that you use or have found useful in the past. As you begin your program of study, you will identify many resources you may rely on for current peer-reviewed information. For this Assignment, review your Learning Resources, then research and locate one peer-reviewed article in the Library. This may include... […]

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July, 2015

post a summary on a topic of importance in your field of study, and also explain how this topic is relevant to your field of study.

Using APA in Your Field of Study APA style and citations are a vital part of scholarly writing and essential to your success as a student in your doctoral program. As an emerging scholar-practitioner, you will be asked to synthesize information from numerous resources and apply them to your field of study. For this Discussion, review your Learning Resources related to the social sciences and crediting sources. Then, research a topic of importance in your field of study. By Day 4, post a response to the following: Using the APA style of writing, post a summary on a topic of... […]

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March, 2015

Life support should not be an option for brain dead patients

Rogerian essay 1000 words APA format The Rogerian Argument Purpose:?Help people with differing opinions understand each other's views and reduce conflict. The key is to acknowledge the discord between the two sides of an issue and reach common ground. It is useful in psychological and emotional arguments where pathos (values & beliefs) and ethos (credibility) are predominant. 1.Introduction: a.State the problem to be resolved giving opposing views - be objective, neutral, and accurate. b.State the issue as a question 2.Body: a.Examine key points that support one side of the issue. Acknowledge these differing viewpoints have merit within particular contexts. Educate... […]

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February, 2015

Cracking of joints

specialized in Radiology so the subject area should be Medical Science. […]

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