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December, 2015

275 words. Predation Wildlife Management Studies

Search the internet and other sources for journal articles involving wildlife management studies or projects that pertain to predation. Write a Case Study summary of the journal article(s). Be as concise in your summary as you can while presenting an introduction on why the topis is important or interesting, the methods of study and analysis, results, and in your own words, discussion of management implications. I recommend giving your Case Study a title as it will help you focus on what your main point is. Your Case Study should be about 4 paragraphs, Arial or Times New Roman 10 or... […]

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November, 2015

10 Points each question. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Review

Review, and analyze the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge management plan. located at I will try to upload the plan. The review must cover the following areas: 1) Overview of the agency preparing the plan 2) The population goals 3) Key management actions proposed 4) A critical analysis & evaluation of management actions in terms of the implications for the target population using scientific literature & course topics Your review should apply the principles of population ecology. You will be graded based on your ability to "show what you know" and your ability to analyze the proposed management... […]

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October, 2015

Critical Reflection

Assessment 3 Description Students to complete a reflective analysis on the following: Utilising Tilbury et al.'s "Generic Theories of Child Abuse and Neglect" analyse the material you reviewed for assignment 2(Annotated Bibliography- notion of intergenerational abuse). Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this material, and the interventions that are more likely to flow from them. Reflective analysis should include: • use of theoretical and academic research material • a consideration of your own personal perspective on the topic as it has developed over the course of the unit • an academic tone (though use of first person writing is acceptable... […]

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September, 2015

Abstract assignment 3

Please read the attachment "WSTB05 Abstract assignment instructions"for instructions and detail description. Also, I uploaded the reading that you need for this assignment: "La Pastina, Antonio C. 2006. “The Implications of an Ethnographer’s Sexuality". Please feel free to let me know if you have any confusion with my instructions. […]

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