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January, 2015

Modeling and Analysis of A Clinical Documentation Improvement System: Calculating Patient Outcome

Compare the different CDI soft-wares available now (5 of them). For example, MIDAS, 3M CDI software, EPIC. These should strictly be the software available for data entry and DRG calculation. Discuss all pros and cons of each. Find the loophole needed to justify research and design of a new software that allows indepth entry of a patient's hospital visit exhaustively. Then discuss about the benefits the new software will have - complete data entry to withstand scrutiny of any kind, ease of access to patient's record, ease of calculation of length of stay, re-admissions based on same MS DRG, case... […]

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January, 2015

Personal Statement

I will be awarded a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine in May 2012, and I am now in the process of completing my electronic residency application in medicine. In short, I'm very interested in a Radiology residency, but before submitting the application, I need to generate a personal statement. There were no details as per the statement, only that it had a maximum of 28000 characters (including spaces). What information do you need from me in order to develop the statement and how long does it take. As a note, I have a curriculum vitae and plenty of clinical research experience... […]

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