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31 December 2015

2 pages. Bullying and Child Development

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Select and read one peer-reviewed article on “Bullying and Child Development. Highlight at least one threat to validity or reliability. Explore why this threat […]

30 December 2015

3 pages. Psychopathology

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The purpose of an article review is to provide the academic community with a description, summary, and evaluation of the completed work. For the […]

29 December 2015

3 pages. Developmental Psychopatology

29 December 2015, Comments 0

“Discuss the biological similarities and differences between PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).” Without title, introduction and conclusion Use DSM […]

22 December 2015

275 words. Pro's vs Con's Innate or Learned

22 December 2015, Comments 0

Our course textbook describes the case study of Genie. For this week’s discussion, consider this case in light of Genie’s inability, after being rescued, […]

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