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July, 2015

My Christian Philosophy of Education

Required Reading List a. Foundations of Christian School Education. Colorado Springs, CO: ACSI, 2003 b. Love Your God With All Your Mind. J. P. Moreland. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 1997. Available through ACSI, Colorado Springs, CO: c. Teaching Redemptively: Bringing Grace and Truth into Your Classroom. Donovan Graham. Colorado Springs, CO: ACSI, 2004. d. Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education. Albert E. Greene. Colorado Springs, CO: ACSI, 1998. e. One of the books below may be used in place of one of the required books listed above. Additional Books: (Please check the one additional book you chose from the list... […]

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July, 2015

How Religion affects Society

6 pages long on how religion impacts society along with statistics of divorce, school grades of catholic schools vs public schools and etc […]

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