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September, 2015

Estimating the Risk Event Value/Impact

The risk event value/impact is an estimate of the gain or loss that will be incurred if the risk event should take place. This value will apply to all elements of the project including budget, scope, quality and schedule. To assess the consequences and severity of the risk events, the amount at stake and the criticality of each must be determined. Note that these two variables may vary with time depending on the stage in the project life cycle. In most cases, the amount at stake and criticality can be derived by a simple examination of the available data and... […]

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September, 2015

Descriptive Statistics

Consider this scenario: You are on the Board of Directors of the National Kidney Foundation. Two different research labs are working on treatments. Your responsibility is to review and evaluate both of the results from the research studies and make recommendations for future funding. You can only fund one of the two. Patients and their families are anxiously waiting for the Board of Directors to make a decision which of the two can be funded. Part I. Your first task it to do the following calculations for both of the results that have been submitted to you. Mean Median Mode... […]

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March, 2015

Understanding of the Main Statistical Concepts

The purpose of the Final Exam is to assess your understanding of the main statistical concepts covered in this course and to evaluate your ability to critically review a quantitative research article. The exam will consist of two parts: Part I includes three essay questions and Part II includes a research critique. All of your responses should be included in a single Word document for submission. Please include the following general headings for each section of the written exam within your Word document: Part I: Essay Questions 1. Essay 1 2. Essay 2 3. Essay 3 Part II: Research Study... […]

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