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December, 2015

15 pages. Writing Sample for Master of European Studies Application

write about any subject that you are most good at for European studies as a master application writing sample. The topics can be about history (if so better cold war history), the holocaust, the music, literatures, the languages (Germanic language preferred), […]

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September, 2015

The age of ideologies

The most important questions asked in the age of ideologies, the answers to these most important questions, and to discuss these 3ideologies, liberalism, radicalism,nationalism […]

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September, 2015

In what way was the nineteenth century “the age of nationalism” in Europe?

Do not cite from websites, unless they are published by a reputable institution (such as a university, institute professional body or similar entity). Wikipedia is not a citable source. When quoting from the work of others, you must provide both the page number of the citation as well as complete bibliographical information on the source (usually in a separate bibliography). Presentation and organisation (35%): Is the structure of the essay logical and clear? Is the writing style clear and comprehensible? Spelling and grammar. Argument (35%): Has the topic been convincingly addressed, and is it well argued? How well is close... […]

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