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Sample questions

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Education Majors as a Discourse community

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Question description
Topic I chose was education as a discourse community and how it is important in order to educate future generations.
Important aspects of paper are shown below
Create an argument about the value, worth, and importance of your DC
Use research (minimum 5 sources) to expand and complicate your ideas, thus creating new knowledge
Use effective visuals (a minimum of 2) in your paper and an infographic, graph, chart, or model (minimum 1)
Look at your DC in-depth, giving your audience a holistic view of the DCs practices, uses of specific language, criteria for membership, conventions, goals, and the genres used
Write in the vein of a scholar for a scholarly audience who you assume is interested in your DC
Be a minimum of 5 pages (not including a works cited)
Create a controlled and incisive argument
Incorporate visuals and sources effectively
Conform to MLA format and look “pretty”
****Attached below is the rubric in its entirty *****
also attached are notes given to me from my professor in order to help outline what the paper should include
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