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In a 3-4 page paper, written in APA format, identify the name of the two (2) assessment tools and/or methods you plan on reviewing. Devote at least one (1) full page to each assessment tool, including the following:
The type/method employed by the assessment tools (checklist, anecdotal reports, rating scale, etc.).
An overview of the methods you have chosen which includes the domain(s) the tool focuses on (social-emotional, linguistic, environmental, etc.), and the possible purposes for this assessment (curriculum evaluation, child behavior, language acquisition, environmental influences, developmental screening, etc.). This must be supported by at least two (2) credible references (no blogs!).
Include a 1-page reflection about your research which includes the reason you have chosen these specific tools/methods. Consider:
Your own personal style preferences
The focus/subject for the information you would like to gather
How this tool will support child development
Include visual samples of the tools you selected. Incorporate these images at the end of your written content. You may provide your own images
Your paper should reflect proper spelling and grammar as well as include a References page containing at least two (2) credible references.
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