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Sample questions

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Moral, religion: Christian

What do I need to do now is first draft in that paper that I upload the part that due in November 11.
Hi, last time we did a monologue for this class and I request a revision for the order and I did that by my self so there’s a first draft due for this monologue next week!
I need to work on it so he like the story after I showed him and thanks for that idea so now my part of that monologue it will be a father who have cancer and want to get his kids from his ex-wife because he will live no longer than 3 years because of his cancer so he want me to write one paragraph 1 minutes talking to my ex-wife about the kids and discuss how to keep them with me, the professor said just one person talk, that’s mean just me who will play that role from that monologue!! I hope everything is clear enough if it doesn’t please let me know and ask me questions.
so this is the monologue after I fix: down here
character information :
-Name: Charles Serkin
-Sex: male
-Marital status and history: married a hight school sweetheart but she was only was attracted to the wealth and not me, have three children, a divorce and millions in alimony and child support. Like any middle aged man I fell in love with my personal assistant and married her hence the second divorce.
-Education level: graduate.
– economics/social status: wealthy.
– where do you live: USA.
– do you have a job: referred to as the don of doctors ( medical practitioner).
– what is your mental attitude: love to help people.
-What is your attitude toward self and others: everyone who meet me get the impression that I have a perfect life.
-Moral, religion: Christian
-what do you need: I dream everyday of being happy and finding a true love. I hope to resuscitate my relationship with my three kids which went gutters after my bitter divorce.
-When do you need it: as soon as possible.
-If you need to get it from a specific person who is this person in your life: the first wife I divorce.
-Where are you: USA, it’s my country.
-Why is it important for you to talk now? Because I need someone to listen to me, I feel better when I talk about my situation and sometime there’s a people can help or gives some advices that I never think about when they listen to my story.
-What does future look like for you: it will be hard for me to think about future because I’m slowly loosing my self to the cancer is steadily spreading in my body.