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In this discussion, reflect on what you have learned in this course and how it relates to your professional growth and social responsibility:
Explain how you have professionally grown more socially responsible as a consequence of completing this course on the multidisciplinary approach.
Name three strengths you have developed in this course toward becoming a multidisciplinary human services professional. Why did you choose these strengths?
Name three areas you would like to strengthen toward becoming a multidisciplinary human services professional. Why did you choose these?
Summarize your professional experience with the multidisciplinary approach.
the multidisciplinary approach
Gathering information: You approached the problem initially by informing yourself, and collecting data and information that helped you understand the problem.
Synthesizing and analyzing ideas: You were able to create a clear problem statement by determining the main issue and the main client.
Collaborative discussion: You participated in one or more discussions involving professionals and clients, taking care to pool information and perspectives, then moving toward capturing the characteristics of an effective solution.
Developing recommendations to address the course of action: Now your job is to define in writing what an effective solution would look like.
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