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Project 3 Written Argument Draft

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Question description
The Draft should be a polished essay (1200 words) that (a) educates an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the issue or topic; (b) engages the audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue or topic; and (c) empowers the audience to take action in some way.
This draft should include a thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations from appropriate sources), and a Works Cited page. The document should be free of organizational, grammar, and style errors and should follow proper structure both in formatting the paper and citing sources.
citation is APA
issue is immigration ban in us
stakeholders are government & trump, google company and 21st century fox.
i posted the first project so you can see the stakeholders. I also posted a good example of how the paper should be
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