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Sample questions

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Just a reminder that we will not have class on Wednesday, March 14th. Here is what you will need to do for the next class; you will need to begin drafting your introduction paragraph for your Unit 2 essay. You will need to draft a summary of your article; make sure that the summary offers nothing but the facts and assumes a neutral tone. Then you will need to draft a thesis about your article. First, you will need to decide if the author’s rhetorical strategies are mostly convincing or unconvincing. You need to take a stance. Then select between 4-5 rhetorical strategies that will help you support your selected stance. Then you will need to produce a thesis statement regarding those rhetorical strategies, explaining why those specific strategies are convincing or unconvincing. Be sure that you use the handout regarding the “Structure of a Rhetorical Essay” as a guide when drafting.
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