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Sample questions

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Reading Short Answer questions

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Each response should be roughly 1 paragraph long(3-4 sentences).
Based on the New York Times article “The Sudden Rise of Lil Yachty”, explain 2 ways Lil Yachty is staying true to himself.
In her article “Rap and Race: It’s Got a Nice Beat, but What about the Message?” Rachel Sullivan conducts research to explore the relationship between racial identity and preference for rap music. Do you agree with her methodology? If not, explain how you would change her methodology.
Explain the relationship between corporate influences and black male images in relationship to rap music. Provide two examples to support your explanation. Use the “Conflicting Paradigms on Gender and Sexuality in Rap Music: A Systematic Review” article by Denise Herd.
Example one:
Example two:
According to Charisse Jones, what is one reason why rappers choose to stay in their neighborhoods instead of leave? How is this connected to the Kembrew McLeod article, “Authenticity Within Hip-Hop and Other Cultures Threatened with Assimilation”?
Scott Simon shared an interview with Todd Boyd, professor and author on NPR. In this article, it mentions how hip-hop was once considered a passing trend and how it has gone from the margins to mainstream. With that, the power to have an impact at the global level. Thinking about hip-hop today, choose an artist who you would consider to have a global impact. Provide one example of their political and social impact on the greater society.
In his chapter “Identity Matters, Richard Jenkins states “So, who we are, or who we are seen to be, can matter enormously”(3) Think of a rapper, and provide one example of how this quote relates to that person.
What is the difference between using hometown and birthplace as it relates to the charting of rap centers in Kenneth French’s article “Geography of American rap: rap diffusion and rap centers”?
What are a few of the main arguments for the feminist perspective on sexuality in rap music? Use the “Conflicting Paradigms” article by Denise Herd to craft your response.
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